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Sometimes my charger remains plugged into laptop even after charging is complete.

Is there a way to get a pop-up message/notification when my battery gets full due to charging or is there any software/package which can provide the functionality?

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Install the acpi package. Now put this in and make it executable:

acpi -V
if cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state | grep "charging state" | grep -vE ":[ ]*charging$"; then
exit 1
exit 0

If echo -e "a" makes a sound, start this when you want to watch the battery status:

watch --beep

If it doesn't make any sound or you want a notification and a better alarm than whatever watch can provide, install libnotify-bin and mpv and use this instead:

while; do sleep 1; done; notify-send "Finished charging" && mpv -loop /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/alarm-clock-elapsed.oga


If you look at the man page for grep you can see that -v reverses the matching, and therefore the return/status code. -E means it's a regular expression. the [ ] in the regex (regular expression) means "tab or space". The following star makes it mean "tab or space 0 or more times". The trailing "$" means that it should match the end of the line. The final grep means that lines NOT ending in a ":", any number of tabs or spaces and then "charging" and the end of the line should make grep exit with status code 0. This means that grep will return 1 as long as the computer is charging. The if will execute it's first branch when the status code is 0, which means we are effectively negating the result of grep, since we exit 1 when grep exits 0 and exit 0 when grep exists non-zero.

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