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When I installed Ubuntu 11.04 it suggested I should use the proprietary STA driver, so I did. This caused a lot of problems and I spent hours troubleshooting. I then tried removing the driver by unchecking the driver in Additional Drivers and now everything works fine.

Obviously Ubuntu recommends the STA driver but the other driver seems to work much better. All documentation I find about Ubuntu and BCM4313 also suggests the STA driver.

Why is the STA driver recommended?

What is the advantage of using that driver?

Will it cause problems when not using the STA driver?

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I think the recommendation of using the STA driver is because the open source driver brcm80211 is still considered unstable. It is in the 'staging' area of the kernel.

For example, my machine (which also has a BCM4313) freezes if I toggle the hardware switch. (this has been fixed in the Oneiric kernel.) The open source driver does give a more stable connection than the STA driver, though, especially with WPA/Enterprise connections.

My recommendation is to use the open source driver. It works better for me, and from your question I gather that it works better for you as well. And it is open source, too.

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