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So I have this pattern, the whole thing is one line

<img  itemprop="image"  class="hovered__image jsOpenGallery lazyload" data-src="//" alt="Drain King Plumbers - Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors"/><img  itemprop="image"  class="jsMerchantLogo lazyload" data-src="" alt="Drain King Plumbers - Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors"/>

here I am using the expression "alt=" to find the tag and I need to get the name of the business after it like this from above code

alt="Drain King Plumbers - Plumbers & Plumbing Contractors"

The name can be anything, but it is always enclosed in " ". can I use grep to return something like alt="business name"

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You can use htmlq (Like jq, but for HTML.). Install it with brew: brew install htmlq and pipe your string to

| htmlq --attribute alt img

Check also for HTML pup, and xq for XML.

grep (PCREs)

A less elegant way (you can't really parse [X]HTML with regex) is to just use grep with --perl-regexp and --only-matching, with a regex using lookbehind:

| grep -Po "(?<= alt=")[^"]*"

Check also ripgrep.

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