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I had Ubuntu 11.04 running till now. Now I want to reinstall Ubuntu with nearly fresh 12.04. I had much trouble last time to install Ubuntu because of EFI. Yet somehow I somehow got it running. But I can't remember how.

Now I have a gpt partition with my personal data on sda4, an EFI partition on sda1 and between a swap and a root partition. I want to install Ubuntu on the root partition without clearing the hole SSD.

Everytime I try to install ubuntu my "BIOS" can't find it. When I press the right key at the right time I get an overview over the possible booting options. There is a "grub" entry but when I enter it I get to the overview again after a redraw of the display.

I tried all possibilities for the bootloader section (yes I installed Ubuntu 5 times today) and have no clue how to get my system running again. I also tried repairing grub via chroot. What should I do?

edit: Yes the installation completes without error. But as far as I can tell grub isn't even loaded. I would say my computer knows it should start grub, but can't excess the ssd. Or it doesn't find what it is looking for. And this behaviour didn't change by installing elilo(though I can't tell if I did it right). Grub is usually going to some shell when started with errors, but here simply nothing happens.

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As I wrote in the comments the answer for me was to delete the existing EFI partition and the following swap partition and make them new as efi (not as fat16) and swap. And I configured the bootloader to install on the efi partition.

sudo parted -l gives (german):

Modell: ATA C300-MTFDBAK128M (scsi)
Festplatte /dev/sda: 128GB
Sektorgröße (logisch/physisch): 512B/512B
Partitionstabelle: gpt

Nummer Anfang Ende Größe Dateisystem Name Flags
1 17,4kB 200MB 200MB fat32 boot
3 200MB 3888MB 3688MB linux-swap(v1)
2 3888MB 27,9GB 24,0GB ext4
4 27,9GB 128GB 100GB ext4

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