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When I download something with Google Chrome, the browser gets stuck (it shows the hand pointer as it hovers over an link/button).

It's not frozen, as I can move and resize the window freely, but I cannot click on anything and shortcuts don't work either.

Can close it with Alt+F4.

This happens on a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04.

So far the issue

  • seems to happen when the browser asks for the save location of a file or an import dialog

  • is independent of extensions

  • is independent if a Google account is connected, or sync enabled

  • affects all Chromium-based browsers, tested so far: Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave

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Ok so the issue is Nvidia driver 510.

After bumping into the same issue as the one asked about in Steam will not run at all, no matter what I do. (22.04 LTS) I thought the solution could help with this issue as well.

What made me think this was the case was that the browser didn't freeze but I couldn't interact with it at all; the browser was working (for example: if it was a big download the download loader was running, not freezing). And the issue occured whenever a dialog from browser was opened (download, import, print, etc.).

So if anyone encounters this issue and has Nvidia driver 510, downgrade to 470 and see if it works.

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