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For a simple example say I have list file which has the following contents

cat dog pig
dog hat
clap sing
cat hog
one two three

I then have a 'pattern' file. With the below content


What I would like to happen is a new file is created from the list file but all lines that begin with cat or dog I not copied over.

I have seen a few examples how this can work e.g.

sed '/pattern to match/d' ./infile > ./newfile

From what I have gathered sed can't handle a 'pattern input file'. Is that a similar program to sed that could achieve what I would like to do? If not could a make a program in python program that reads each line from the 'pattern' file and run the sed command against th list file e.g. multiple passes with seds

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You can use tell grep to read its patterns from a file - with the -v (invert) switch that should do what you want

fgrep -vf patternfile listfile

From man grep

   -f FILE, --file=FILE
Obtain patterns from FILE, one per line. The empty file
contains zero patterns, and therefore matches nothing. (-f is
specified by POSIX.)

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